( A Post Graduate Constituent Unit of L.N.Mithila University,Darbhanga )
( Accredited with 'B' Grade (C.G.P.A. 2.84) by NAAC )


Date of Establishment of IQAC: 01-04-2006

Md Absar Alam

Coordinator, IQAC

Message from the IQAC Coordinator

Greetings from C.M. College family!

The college established the IQAC in the year 2006. Since then, the IQAC is continuously engaged in realizing goals of strengthening quality of education through improvement of different aspects of academics and administration of the college. The cell considers participation of all stakeholders such as students, teachers, staffs, management and members of society in the process quality improvement.

In today’s rapidly transforming world, quality higher education remains a vehicle of change. Therefore, the IQAC of the college strives for transferring new age expertise through quality knowledge and training. The cell also works as a forum and interface for all stakeholders to conduct quality assessment of the academic, infrastructure and administrative environment of the college. It prepares short term and long-term plans for the provision of adequate facilities and improvement after making assessment. Further, the cell makes continuously follow up of such process under the guidance of the principal of the college.

With best wishes,

Md Absar Alam