C. M. College (Arts and Commerce)

( A Post Graduate Constituent Unit of L.N.Mithila University,Darbhanga )
( Accredited with 'B' Grade (C.G.P.A. 2.84) by NAAC )
Institutional Development Plan

Institutional Development Plan

The objective of the college is to create an enriched learning environment empowering student to transform their lives leading to the transformation in society for better future. The college with this objective strives for academic excellence and integrity with high ethical standards in conformity of the vision and mission of the college. This institutional development plan is devised to achieve this objective. The plan comprises of the following sections:

  • Academic
  • Administrative
  • Infrastructure

The priorities of the college is devised under the above sections owing to the fact the overall academic excellence depends on academic environment of the college having working staffs equipped with new age technologies and adequate infrastructure facilities required for modern day education. The plan is prepared after stakeholder’s consultation and extensive deliberations involving faculties of all the departments in the college and principal of the college along with senior staffs in administrative set up.


Short Term Goals
  • Educational environment based on the Choice Based Credit system as per NEP 2020.
  • Provide education for new courses as introduced by CBCS system through experienced faculties.
  • Involve contractual faculties on value added and skill enhancement courses.
  • Inspiring Faculty to align towards state-of-the-art teaching delivery.
  • Making value addition to academic delivery through add-on and certificate courses.
  • Start new professional courses at graduate and undergraduate level.
  • Promote research related activities in the college.
Mid Term Goals
  • Create centres for interdisciplinary learning.
  • Establishment of skill development centres in line with the GOI’s Kaushal Kendra scheme.
  • Support academic excellence through the provision of seed money for seminars/workshops/conferences.
  • Establish incubation centre.
  • Establish centre for innovation.
  • Develop language lab.
  • Establish centre for conducting short term faculty development programmes and courses.
Long Term Goals
  • Establish chairs of learning in different subjects
  • Develop a computer lab for professional courses.
  • Develop smart class rooms.
  • Provide institutional support for research works.


Short Term Goals
  • Automation process of admission fee and CLC
  • Online availability of student related information
  • Website updating
  • Decentralisation of administrative and financial decision making
  • Uploading of annual audit report on the website
  • Library automation
  • Availability of e-journals for departments
  • Solar light system
  • Employment of clerical and technical staffs
  • Alumni meets
  • Sign departmental level MoU
  • Automation of financial process using MIS
Medium Term Goals
  • Technical staffs for all the departments
  • Generate resources from alumni
  • Develop an examination hall
  • Sign MoU with national and international institutions
  • Establish centre for excellence in collaboration with industry and alumni
  • Reduce usage of paper in administrative works
  • Promote greenery in the campus
Long Term Goals
  • Paperless offices
  • Allocate funds for departments for academic usage
  • Generate funds from different sources including self-financed courses
  • 20 MoUs with national and international institutions
  • Tap alumni for resource generation


Short Term Goals
  • Library Automation
  • Renovation of Roads/Sewage Systems
  • Renovation of Class III & IV Employees residences
  • Renovation of teacher’s quarter of the college
  • Renovate the Language labs
  • Develop 2 computer labs
  • Developing greenery in the campus
  • Develop lawn and gardens in the campus
  • Develop Multidisciplinary Research centre
  • Construction of a seminar hall
  • Renovation of the existing seminar hall
  • Develop infrastructure for differently abled students
  • Green energy related initiatives
  • Water harvesting facilities
Long Term Goals
  • Develop computer labs for each department
  • Construction of new teacher’s quarter
  • Develop a new principal’s quarter
  • Development of new library
  • Construction of an examination hall
  • Develop K.L. Bhawan as examination hall
  • Construction of additional seminar halls
  • Construction of additional classrooms
  • Develop smart classrooms
  • Strengthen Wifi in Campus of the College
  • Develop a separate building for the faculty of social sciences
  • Soundproof classes